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The Transformers programme is for children and young people who have experienced domestic violence within the home.

It aims to help children and young people explore their thoughts and feelings on domestic violence and equip them with safety planning for their future.

Transformers Stage I

Transformers Stage I is a 10 week course for 8–12 year olds. The emphasis at this stage is on learning through fun. Activities include: painting; drawing; making masks; using clay; and making puppets etc.

Topics include:

Transformers Stage II

Stage II is a follow on 10 week course, deals with issues from Stage I in more depth.

Topics include:

Teenage Support Group

The Teenage Support Group is a 10 week course for 13–16 year olds on healthy/unhealthy relationships. Through group work and discussion, young people are encouraged to explore their experiences and feelings and make healthy choices for their own relationships.

I enjoyed meeting new friends and felt excited about going to Transformers with them.

Transformers helped me to share my feelings and talk to mum.

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