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Highlights from our Annual Report 2013-14

This year has seen an ever-increasing demand for services from all programme areas. Both Refuge and Floating Support staff continue to support ever-increasing numbers of women with ever more complex needs.

Floating Support

Floating Support services continues to experience an increasing number of referrals. Negotiations continue with Supporting People for an extension to our Floating Support contract which will increase staffing numbers. The Assessment worker post provides a single point of entry referral system which ensures that essential support and crisis services and enhances our risk management process.

Children Services

The Children Services programme continues to grow and develop. The new Art workshop initiative was extremely successful during the summer months, supporting a number of children and young people. A follow on event to the Art Workshops which was held at Christmas time was a cartoon drawing seminar, facilitated by two local, professional artists. This seminar was an exciting and fun experience for the children and young people who attended. Helping Hands groups and Transformers groups continue to be successful in meeting the needs of children and young people. Feedback has proven to be very positive. One-to-one work with young people offered this year, and has been successful.


Referrals to refuge services has also increased this past year. Staff continue to provide safety, protection and support to refuge families, many who experience complex needs. Negotiations have begun with the Housing Association to explore a new location for a new refuge.

Recruitment & Administration

Our Finance Manager retired this year, and we have been very successful in our recruitment and appointment of a new Finance Manager. This past year saw a recruitment of new members, which provided the Management Committee with a wider range of skills and experiences. The new members completed their induction training and additionally, the full Management Committee completed governance training, facilitated by WAFNI.

We continued to work in partnership with Foyle, Causeway and Omagh Women’s Aid towards realising the new IT system. Although anticipated to be up and running within 2013-2014, there was a delay. Looking forward to going live early in 2014-2015. We are delighted to report that this year saw the launch of our new Website. We also designed and distributed our new service leaflets. Looking forward, we recognise that there is a need for new refuge/new location and improved refuge facilities.

There is also the need for expansion of the Floating Support team to manage increasing referrals and manage the associated risks. Both of these issues are a priority for 2013-2014. We also look forward to the implementation of our new IT system. As in previous years staff members have continued to remain committed to providing high quality, professional services to all service users.

Download our Annual Report 2013-14  for more information on our work throughout the year.